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 July 2016

Volume 2 Issue 7


Research article

Clinicopathological Features of Primary Bone Marrow Mature T and NK Cell Neoplasms

Subhash Edupuganti, Catherine Xie, James Huang, Xia Chen, Elizabeth Wey, Ming Xie*

Primary bone marrow mature T and NK cell neoplasms are relatively uncommon, but could be the underlying etiology for anemia, neutropenia and thrombocytopenia. At our institution from 2003 to 2016, seventeen patients with primary bone marrow mature T and NK cell neoplasms were retrospectively studied, including 12 males and 5 females, with median age of 66 years (43 to 85). Nine patients had T cell large granular lymphocytic leukemia (T-LGL), 6 T cell neoplasm of undetermined significance (TNUS), and 2 chronic lymphoproliferative disorders of NK cells (CLPD-NK).                                          

                                                                                                                                                                     Download PDF Full text


Resaerch Article

Low Prevalence of BRCA1 and BRCA2 Common Founder Mutations among Iraqi Breast Cancer Cases and At Risk Families

Mohammed Ghanim, Nada Alwan*, Fiona MacDonald

Breast cancer is the most common malignancy among women worldwide and in Iraq, it comprises about one third of the registered female malignancies. The number of new cases reported in 2009 was 2906, with an incidence rate of 18.45/100 000 in female population. Within the last two decades, there has been an obvious increase in the incidence rates of breast cancer, which became one of the major threats to Iraqi female health . The mortality rate is considerably high as most of the cases are still diagnosed at advanced stages with more aggressive forms.                                          

                                                                                                                                                                     Download PDF Full text


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